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Forward Farma BV offers her customers a big advantage in terms of quality and control. We work closely with a professional R&D team mainly based on well-known experts from the nutraceutical industry on various subjects of plant medicine extraction, which has built a solid foundation for our products R&D and quality assurance. Our products are made in advanced workshops, fulfilling requirements and realize the asepsis in the manufacturing process, but also advanced testing measuring and manufacturing equipment, including HPLC-ELSD, HPLC, GS-MS, TLC, freeze-drier and SFE CO2.

Petri Dishes


We have access via facilities for extraction, concentration, column separation, spray-drying, and vacuum-drying equipment. The active ingredients are obtained from the process from material collection, crushing and extraction to final production. Our quality management system ensures strict compliance with quality requirements with every procedure, whereby a detailed file is kept for each batch to guarantee quality. The laboratories we work with are equipped with the following equipment:

- solid-liquid countercurrent extraction system

- macropore absorb resin separation

- high-speed continuous centrifuge

- inner fluid-bed spray dryer

- continuous belt vacuum dryer



To guarantee our products meet the standards, we insist all our products are in-house tested using only internationally accepted test methods (AOAC standard, USP, EP) for analysis. The results of these tests are reported to our customers on a certificate of analysis that accompanies every shipment of products, ensuring the quality of our products to our customers.

HPLC UV-VIS, GC FID, UV-VIS, Pulsed PSL, Polarization spectrometer, AAS and Karl Fischer Titrator are equipped in the Q/C laboratory to guarantee the products of satisfied standards according to customer’s needs. We can effectively and rapidly detect the irradiation status of raw materials and finished products using PPSL, which makes sure the products we supply are non-irradiated. According to the international standards, Fenchem Biotek LTD is proceeding its Q/C with “double trial” system which means quality evaluation to be conducted both by Fenchem Biotek LTD’s in-house lab and the third party, international and independent laboratories such as SGS, Eurofins, Alkemist, NSF, Intertek, and PONY, to catch the key points and guarantee the consistent creditability and safety. Quality is the life and soul of our company, in order to ensure the quality of the products. We believe that with our strict control of production and technical detection, we can provide you with the best quality of products.

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